Mock CAT

You will never crib about the difficulty level of CAT again.

Mock CAT

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Apr 5th 2010, 13:09

CAT Paper


  • You are screwed
  • The question paper and answer sheets have colours. Please co-ordinate at your centre with other asspirants to find the matching color corresponding to the question paper.
  • This will test your team playing skills
  • Each question has about 5 options, and the options are jumbled. In addition, the alphabets need not be a-e. They might be encrypted - Z might correspond to a, Y might correspond to b and so on.
  • Each question has multiple correct answers.

Marking scheme

  • Each correct answer is worth + 0.125/0.3.
  • Each incorrect answer will fetch you -20.
  • Each unattempted question will get you –(3*x) where x is the remainder obtained when 4y is divided by the numerical value of the question number and y is log4 (question number)
  • No calculators are allowed. Each centre has 10 log tables hidden somewhere. Please co-ordinate with everyone to find and use then. Each log book is in a different language. You may find bonus questions in the log book.

Marking scheme for bonus questions

  • Each correct answer is worth + 0.127/0.29
  • Each incorrect answer is worth -19.9
  • Each unattempted question has a value equal to –(4*x) where x is the remainder obtained when 3y is divided by the numerical value of the question number and y is log3 (question number)

There are 20,000 questions grouped into 4 sections.

  • Problem Solving
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Verbal abilities
  • Bonus questions

Time allotted – 30 minutes
It is necessary to solve at least 10,000 correctly for your CAT score to be considered for the IIMs.
Do not write ANYTHING on the OMR no matter how much we prompt you during the course of the exam.
Good luck.

Section A: Problem Solving

1. Complete the sequence 14, 22, xyz, 356h, -0.234, …

e) all of the below
c) 1
b) integral f(x) dx, from limits -20 to 20. Here, f(x) = 0 from -20 to 0 and -0 from 0 to 20
a) b or c
d) none of the above

2. Find the area of the figure using the data given in the figure.


1. constant
2. depends
3. (a+b)/2 
4. ?/2  *  ?
5. 0.25

3. If I think of a number, what is the probability that it is 3,45,275.2345?

z) Infinity
r) delta
p) 1/infinity
j) 1/3,45,275.2345
f) 3,45,275.2345

4. 2 trains are going somewhere. T1 is between Chandigarh and Ludhiana. T2 is between New York and Ohio. In how much time will they cross each other?

Assume that the speed of T2 = mach 3, length of T1= 2 km, and that the difference in time zones = 11 hours. The train leaves Chandigarh at 3 past midnight Singapore time. T2 leaves New York at 2 PM Moscow time. For Singapore and Moscow timezones, refer to your mobile phones (remember:- use of mobile phones is not permitted). The speed of T1 = |∑ΩJβψ√,,|,,↔| * Speed of T2 where all symbols have their usual mathematical meanings. The length of T2 = 4 times the area of your CAT question paper in square microns, neglecting the header andfooter.

a) insufficient information
d) too much information
c) 2 seconds (please prove it in the margin of your OMR)
d) option e)
e) option d)

5. 4 runners start a race; their names are Appa, Bappa, Chappa and Dappa. Appa gives Chappa a start of 2 minutes. Bappa gives Dappa a start of 50 metres. 15 minutes into the race, Dappa overtakes Appa. 5 minutes later, Appa overtakes Dappa and so on. After 10 minutes, Bappa sees that Appa has a lead of 15 minutes, but that Chappa trails Appa by 100 metres.

Appa then stops till Chappa overtakes Dappa. Then Appa starts and Bappa stops till Dappa overtakes Chappa again. At this point Chappa falls down and waits for first aid. The first aid had a start of 20 minutes in the beginning but it later lost ground and it had to cover 3 km before it came to the aid of Chappa. When appa increased his speed 1.245 times and just overtook Bappa, Bappa had to increase his speed 3 fold to overtake Dappa who had increased his speed by just 2/3 times. Then Chappa also starts running, and increases his speed 8 .667 fold to overtake Dappa.

At this instant if all reverted back to their original speeds, Appa would, in the next 15 minutes, gain a lead of 200 mt over Dappa. The distance covered by Appa is the average of that covered by Bappa and Chappa at their normal speeds at 36oC. But Dappa covers a distance that is twice of half of one third that covered by appa at 72oC. Find the temperature at which they were running.

x) 37oC
b) 98oF
n) 300 K
4) One cannot run at the temperature at they were running
o) Depends on the speed of the first aid

Section B: Data Interpretation

Answer the questions based on the graphs shown below.

CAT DI question

1. Is Britney innocent?

  • Does this face lie to you??
  • Hit me baby one more time
  • Oops I did it again
  • As innocent as fruit sales in January in the graphs above
  • Is Osama also innocent?

2. (Bonus) Is Michael Jackson innocent?

3. What is the profit of company Z?

  • Sales of company x – cost of company y
  • Cost of one AK-47
  • Yes we can!
  • Number of green teddy bears – number of orange teddy bears

4. What is the length of Obama’s cigarette?

  • 3
  • 344
  • 5483
  • 32
  • 0

5. From figures 4 and 5, how many votes did Mccain get?

(for the options, please refer to the log book)

6. What is the favourite student afterschool activity.??

  • Depends on the second last graph
  • Depends on the last graph
  • WWE
  • Pokemon/Digimon

Section C: Verbal Ability

Answer the qweshan based aan dha passage belaw.

hey hi boys girls and evrybody 
im a nice guy 
i want great frandship frm all boys and girls 
i looking for my queen basically
i can be a very good fradship ...because im nice 
evryone add me so dat frandship frands for ever 
im smart evryone likes me ...i very open so ppl add me very quick ...they think i very nice 
SO GALS wat u waiting for 
anybody need advise on love topics plz tell me i romantic and i know abt love very much so plzzz add me and tell i about your love problems i always ready to help girls only.i love very well to all gals n womens.i make good lov from every1 and friendship also.i play computer very good,play hockey,cricket and sports and all sports n games.AND!!!! i best player of love n friendship from gals n womens so wat u think of I u can scrap me everytime and anytime and talk me anything


1. Haaw many caaraactaars besings in the above notices than??

a) dontknowship
z) too maach countering involveship than
b) luvship and friandship naat knowsing boundfuls
™) its secretship than!!

2. Who besings the maan than??

a) Shahrukh Khan
b) Hrithik Roshan
c) James Bond
d) yaars truely 
e) manbearpig

2. What typeship talkering not besings allowedful than?

a) luvship
b) friandship
c) bothship
d) goodful talkering
e) bad



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