Memorable Quotes - Anu Malik

The ultimate copying machine.

Memorable Quotes - Anu Malik

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Feb 6th 2010, 08:48

He said: "I would love to win a Grammy."

We say: Wow, so would we! What a crazy coincidence?


He said: "I am good at what I do, and finally people are acknowledging that fact."

We say: Seriously? Have the police finally arrested you for plagiarism?


He said: "I want my music to create the same feeling (as Ricky Martin's music)."

We say: Yes, the beautiful feeling of "what the **** language is that guy singing in"


He said: "I have God to thank for my career."

We say: We knew it! You sold your soul to get so much money with so little talent. Well good for you!


He said: "Every second car in Delhi had my song playing."

We say: You crafty old man, you made a song "inspired" by car horn sounds?


He said: "India is huge market where a derivative product like a remake has tremendous value. Why should a copyright holder be denied his share of the pie?"

We say: This is Anu Malik saying "HaHa... look at those poor guys, they actually make original tunes. Give them some money, please, I feel sorry for them. Hahahaha!!"


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