Gunda Dialogue Quiz

Test your knowledge of the great epic.

Gunda Dialogue Quiz

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Feb 6th 2010, 01:34

Simple. There are questions about hypothetical situations in life; the answer to each is (usually) a dialogue from the greatest of all movies, Gunda.

There are two levels of questions - Pote (easy) and Pote ke baap (difficult). The answers are at the end. Give yourself the following awards based on your score (1 for an easy question correct, 2 for a difficult question correct.) Post your scores in the comments.

0-5: You have never watched Gunda, or you have forgotten it. What is life for if not to watch Gunda?

5-26: OK, at least you've watched Gunda, but you don't qualify as a true devotee of Prabhuji yet (since you can't recite the dialogues backwards in Chinese). As penance, please watch it once a day for the rest of your life.

27: You're good! Want to join Lolland?


Level 1 - Pote (easy). Answers at the bottom.

1.1. What would a primary school student who really hates learning about even numbers say to his/her teacher?

1.2. So there's this person whose job is to pair up couples for a short term relationship. What is the slogan of his company?

1.3. What did the fruitseller ask the customer?

1.4. I had a very short son. I sent him to the well known height improvement specialist, Lambu Aata. When I saw him after the treatment he was dead ten inches taller. What did I say to him?

1.5. What would a man with honest neighbours, who had no problems keeping his front door opened and unlocked, say?

1.6. What did Calvin's father tell him after he had bought a new toy animal to replace Hobbes?

1.7. Imagine that Yudhishtira had a son at the time of the first dice game against the Kauravas. What would the son have said after Yudhishtira wagered him and lost?

1.8. How did the Undertaker initially want to introduce himself in the WWE, before wiser counsels prevailed? (for the uninitiated, the Undertaker is a supernatural undead zombie being)

1.9. What is the best pick-up exchange ever?


Level 2 - Pote ke baap (difficult). This needs deep knowledge of the epic movie.

2.1. What did America tell itself before voting George W. Bush Jr. into office?

2.2. (Not from Gunda, but still...) What did Haseena sing after Bulla had thrown away her baby? Or, what did the baby sing after being thrown away?

2.3. What did the safari guide tell the enthusiastic tourists?

2.4. What did Kasab's lawyer tell him?

2.5. Where are colleges situated? (not a dialogue, just Gunda general knowledge :P)

2.6. What is the Pfizer company considering as the next tagline for their most famous product?

2.7. How do people greet their friends after watching the movie 2012?

2.8. What would money say to people like Bill Gates and Mukesh Ambani if it could speak?

2.9. (Related) How would Shankar the crimefighting pimp describe his business strategy?



Level 1

1.1. Do chaar chhe aath dus...bas!

1.2. Maine unka bhi date fix kiya haaaaiiii

1.3. Khayega kela?

1.4. Lambu Aate ne tujhe lamba kar diya? (obviously I wouldn't ask my son the rest, but I put it in anyway) Maachis ki tili ko khamba kar diya?

1.5. Main rakhta hoon khulla.

1.6. Yeh aapka sada hua tiger nahin hai.

1.7. Mera naam hai XYZ, jo apne baap ke bhi nahin hote.

1.8. Maa chudail ki beti, baap shaitan ka chela.

1.9. None other than the Gulshan meeting exchange:

- Tum kitne achhe ho! - Tum bhi bahut khoobsurat ho.

This is guaranteed to lead to a dance and a wedding, within the span of 5 minutes (dance) or 2 days (wedding).

Level 2

2.1. Baap pe Poot, Pita pe ghoda, Kuch nahi to thoda thoda.

2.2. Bulla ki jaana main kaun...

2.3. Yeh jo kaala gainda hai na, iske saath jhagda mat kijiye.

2.4. Mil gayi tere ko saza? Par tu ghabrana mat. Main tera case Supreme Court tak ladunga. Aur haan, jail mein tere liye daaru naki, khaane-peene ke liye chicken-mutton naki aur dekhne ke liye TV naki. Mahine mein ek baar...

2.5. Across miles of rocky arid desert land, far away from civilization, so that young female students of the college can have their honour violated by the gangs of thugs that routinely patrol this land.

2.6. Woh buddhha kuchh karta nahin hai.

2.7. Tum hum logon ke liye woh comedy film hai jiski end bahut tragic hai.

2.8. Main gareebon ke liye hero hoon, aur tum jaise logon ke liye villain.

2.9. Main hoon jurm se nafrat karne wala, sharifon ke liye jyoti, gundon ke liye jwala.


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