Banned!!! - Wikipedia Fail

We tried to learn about Children's Day, but the Wiki page is stupefying.

Banned!!! - Wikipedia Fail

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Feb 6th 2010, 00:50

The Wikipedia page on Children's Day is banned - because it seems as though it was written by collaborative team of a two year old, a drunk 110 year old, and a blonde. Look at our screenshots from that holy page, and our comments on them, to agree with us that we should have banned it.


Was this written as the second essay by a person in first standard, just after the 'Mera naam XYZ hai. Mere dost ka naam ABC hai.' essay?


Of course, it makes perfect sense to have the heading as 'Sweden' and then talk about the International Children's Day.



Imagine how lucky the children must feel...after all, it's not like parents would ever play with them on any other day.



Will we ever know this secret, or did a deadly assassin silence for ever the brave wikipedia editor who was typing this invaluable information? Or was the margin too small to contain this marvellous proof?



See comment on India above. This is even better, though. The person writing wanted to put down a lot of information, and did so. Unfortunately, the universe seems to celebrate Children's Day differently than the world...

  The Argentine Government is awesome \m/


You know you have problems when you need a special day for Children's Safety. Maybe Borat was right...


It's the same everywhere. Why don't schools get that the worst thing you can do to children on their very own day is to organize a boring extra-long assembly?


How many children become PM? Only a few lucky ones, or all of them? Why would children want to use buses for free - someone else pays for their ticket anyway. If children play 'closely' on an aircraft, there are going to be some pretty spectacular disasters. However, all these problems can be ignored because, after all, there is a 'unique motto'.


The children might like it, but isn't that going a bit too far?


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