Hall of Fame - Greatest Songs Ever

The Legacy of "If you come today".

Hall of Fame - Greatest Songs Ever

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Feb 5th 2010, 10:53

Many Hindi/regional language film songs use English. That's fine. Occasionally, however, their use of English revolutionizes and redefines entire cultures and centuries later they shall be heralded as the Shakespeares of a generation. In honour of these gems, we must give them national symbol status. We present Kollywood. Please do tell us if you know of more such gems, we shall honour them as well.


1. Life is Shabby

This song has the best lyrics ever: Life is Shabby || Without you Baby || Thank you my dear Raja || Gubagubagubagubagooo. Also, possibly the worst rap in history starts at the 1:35 mark.

2. Excuse me...

...which is what we told ourselves when first we heard this masterpiece. There are lyrical high points like 'You catch me, you match me', but what really makes this special is the 200 time repetition of the song title.

3. Danger

Shakespeare once wrote a very well received piece on the Ages of Man. In case you didn't understand that, here it is in simple words.

4. Rajkumar - If you come today

This is the big one - the one that started it all. You've seen and heard it a thousand times, but it's still legendary.

5. Rajkumar - Love me or Hate me

Not as legendary as the previous one, but every bit as good. You've got to love him.

6. I want to kiss

This is the most touching love song ever, leaving traditional favourites like that song from Titanic miles behind. The first line is 'I want to kiss my darling'. It's all downhill from there. Make special note of the geography lesson that starts after the romantic beginning.

7. Jaaligo

What do you do when life is good and you're happy? You go and make a song where the lyrics go : "Jolly come, Jolly come, Jolly jolly come. Happy go, happy go, happy happy go."

8. Rajkumar - my name is Raj

James Bond anyone...


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