English - Make Good Sentences

Use the word 'dog' and make a sentence. Its not as easy as you think.

English - Make Good Sentences

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Jan 31st 2010, 14:02

This is a special lesson. It is the only part of the English Department of the Lolland University in which you will be taught what to do, rather than what not to do. It is simple - we will teach you how to use certain important words by using them in sentences.


We offer types of sentences that will change your life.

The First Standard kind

1. word: dog

Pinky is my pet dog and I love it very much.

(We don't like this kind much.)


The Tenth Standard, I don't-know-shit-please-pass-me kind

2. word: dog

A dog is a four legged canine animal which has four legs and belongs to the genus Canis, a genus which has animals with four legs like dogs (which are canine).

(We like this kind. It's the only reason we didn't fail all our tenth standard subjects.)


The Distracting kind

3. word: dog

The Prince of Darkness brutally slaughtered five million people by pulling out their tongues and then making a dog bite their eyes off, before pouring molten iron over their bodies till they died, screaming in agony.


The Rap kind

4. word: dog

Yo Dawg!


The Hidden Truth kind

5. word: dog

There are dogs with throat disease which sing better than Himesh Reshammiya.


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