Slam the Scam - IIT Coaching

Hold on to your seats, as we blow the lid off a real scam.

Slam the Scam - IIT Coaching

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Jan 31st 2010, 13:04

His Secrecy, Darth Nirius, always has worked tirelessly to expose the truths of this cruel, unscrupulous world for the benefit of the unsuspecting populace. In this pursuit, the Darth blows the lid off the latest scam that seeks to rob law abiding citizens of their hard earned money.


Read this news article in Business Standard, which subsequently appeared on MSN news and talks about a new startup enterprise by 4 IIT Kharagpur alumni. The four IIT-KGP alumni - Rajiv Agarwal, Nishant Shah, Lokesh Verma and Manish Shankar - pooled in close to Rs 5 lakh to create ‘Edudigm’. According to Rajiv Agarwal, co-founder of Edudigm, “Our intention is to help IIT aspirants prepare themselves for the group discussion and personal interview and help them through all related problems they may have." Just in case some smart msn dude was also a citizen of Lolland and removed the page, we have saved a copy of the news article just for you here.


(Full size image here.)


What the Hell?

IIT entrance does not even have a GD/PI round. We knew all coaching classes were scoundrels, brainwashing you into putting your kids into IIT training right from kindergarten, and charging lakhs of rupess for the same, but this is really taking it too far. At the very least, they (try to, or pretend to) teach you how to crack an actual exam. These guys apparently coach students on how to clear a Group discussion and Interview, which does not exist. And they are reportedly charging 7,000 rupees per student for it too.

Wait for our next post on yet another scandal by people who think the whole world is stupid, when we Slam The Scam.


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