Guides - Understand your Fundamental Rights

You have the right to read this article. Anything you believe can be injurious to health.

Guides - Understand your Fundamental Rights

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Jan 31st 2010, 12:02

Recently, we were shocked that many people appreciated the fact that the Government of Finland was to grant the right to broadband to its citizens.

Are the people of India any less? There are many rights Indians enjoy simply by virtue of having been born and having lived in India.


Here are a few of those rights. If you can think of any more, the Comments Section awaits you.

  1. Right to amazing dialup speeds by MTNL - or better still VSNL, which gives you 2 x 1024 x 1024 millibytes per second.
  2. Right to obtain driving licenses before attaining the legal age of 18
  3. Right to travel in an overpriced-tampered-metered auto from anywhere to anywhere, as long as the autowalah wants to go there as well
  4. Right to a job anywhere in India, unless you are from Bihar, and are looking to work in Maharashtra
  5. Right to be one of a minimum of 2 lakh (and usually 5 lakh) students when applying to any University in India
  6. Right to avoid any and all receipts when being fined for any Government law violation for just half the fine or Rs50, whichever is greater
  7. Right to either love or hate Pakistanis, depending on whether the Indo-Pak cricket match is in India or Pakistan
  8. Right to work as a taxi-driver in any country in the world, and to meet at least one Indian a day wherever you are
  9. Right to a detailed report of at least one murder/armed robbery (or both) everyday in your local newspaper
  10. Right to free housing in prime locations anywhere in India as long as you can build it and put a holy idol inside... if you can't do even that, you can choose any spot right on the roads, just watch out for celebrity BMWs
  11. Right to marry anyone of choice - the choice of your village panchayat, that is. Read this article for proof.
  12. Right to be gainfully employed, if you have an undergraduate degree and a postgraduate degree or an MBA
  13. Right to good education (known in India as Science) and bad education (known in India as Commerce or Arts)
  14. Right to equality : All people stepping out of a train must smell equally bad - so if you've just showered, you will invariably get seat 1 or 72
  15. Right against child labour : except in schools between the hours of 9 AM and 3 PM
  16. Equality before the law : all cases from murder to candy-stealing-from-baby shall take the same 20 yrs and require the same amount of payment to the judge
  17. Abolition of untouchability : evinced by the fact that a disturbingly large number of male labourers walking around holding hands these days
  18. Right to relieve yourself on any street corner without sanitation, shame or even advance notice to nearby strangers
  19. Right to read articles on Lolland : like many of the points above, this is not necessarily a good thing


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