The Internet is a Big, Bad Place - I

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The Internet is a Big, Bad Place - I

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Posted in Jokes By Darth Nirius

Jan 31st 2010, 11:37

This time we decided to take a peek at the geeks of the week. The following chat was intercepted during a bloody and intense session of Unreal Tournament.


Chugger : Cover me!!

Savage_Ravager : Eat That!

Chugger : Incoming !!

Savage_Ravager : Fire in the Hole!

Chugger : I'm on it!!

Savage_Ravager : I'm going in!!

Chugger : Dominating!!

Savage_Ravager : And stay down!

Chugger : Hold that position!

Savage_Ravager : I'm in position!

Chugger : That had to hurt!

Savage_Ravager : Anyone else want some??

Chugger : Oh Yeah!!

Savage_Ravager : Get the Ball !!!

Chugger : No, my horny little piggy, I want you to do me now.

Savage_Ravager : ...

Savage_Ravager : ... @#$%

*** Savage_Ravager has left the game.


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