If words could kill...

What India has to say about the #DelhiGangRape

If words could kill...

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Dec 24th 2012, 02:28

When the government made the unfortunate but irreversible mistake of accepting the Mandal Commission’s directive over Reservation, Rajiv Goswami set himself on fire in protest. Two decades later, as young India is spearheading another movement, this time against relentless and senseless crime against women, the fire burns as hot as ever, but is scathing the criminals and ineffectual politicians instead.

As the youth in Delhi enact an awe inspiring act of courage, braving police retaliation and Delhi’s bitter cold, day after day and night after night (which after being water-hosed cannot be too much fun), they remember that they are young...and keep the hope and (sometimes biting) humor, alive.   

Here are the most twitterific exclamations and expressions of the protest (and its high handed handling) at India Gate:

Rahul Bose
been told the way things are shaping up at india gate, women are leaving the site. talk about irony. #delhigangrape

Madhu Kishwar
Young women shouting slogan at India Gate" Sonia jiski mummy hai, woh sarkar nikammi hai"

Aditi Mathur
The congress is acting true to its election symbol: Talk to the hand#delhigangrape

Ramesh Srivats

Why call it India Gate? Call it Government-of-India Gate.

Multiple sources
If Gandhiji was alive, he'd recommend 4 monkeys. The 4th one would be covering his crotch teaching people not to rape.#delhigangrape

Multiple sources
Can't protest online (Sec.66A) Can't protest offline(Section 144). Welcome to India: The World's Largest Democracy #delhigangrape#Indiagate

Shiva Acharya
Statistically speaking, chances of Russian president Putin meeting the protesting crowd is more than Indian prez doing it.

Lily D'Penha
Respected Prime Minister of India. Blessed are we who are gifted with a voice! Waiting eagerly to hear yours! #DelhiGangRape

I never feel happy while I get beatings in childhood but aaj police se maar kha kar accha lag raha hai we want justice #DelhiGangRape

Manoj Tyagi
PM Manmohan Singh went to invisible mode from silent mode. #DelhiGangrape #delhiprotests @janlokpal

Aκнıιεsн Soиı
Any volunteers for singing Jaago (Man)Mohan Pyare to @PMOIndia? No. Seriously. It might work. #DelhiGangRape

And our humble contribution, GoW style
Goli Nahin marenge , Keh ke Lenge teri @rapists and then some. 
Much love, Civilized India ^_^


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