Vinod Kambli is telling the truth, and here's the real reason why


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Nov 22nd 2011, 10:37

I am sure by now every one of you has seen the latest episode in BCCI’S hit reality TV show, Kyunki Kambli bhi Kabhi Kricket Khelta Tha. This time Kambli has klaimed that the 1996 World Cup Semifinal against Sri Lanka was fixed. As some people with no lives or the people who were actually there might remember, India needed to chase 252 runs to win and were 98/1 before losing 7 wickets for 22 runs. Seeing this epic display, the ever courteous Kolkata crowd set parts of the stands on fire and threw food and water into the field and tried to make the SL team feel at home by recreating Lanka-dahan in the stands. However, as it turns out, they don’t burn Raavan during Dussehra down in Sri Lanka. So the match was abandoned and awarded to Sri Lanka by default.

I for one have always supported Vinod Kambli. Right from the school days, when Kambli scored 34 runs more than Tendulkar in their unbroken 664 run partnership, Kambli has been the best thing that happened to cricket since wood. People often compare him to Tendulkar unfairly; Kambli has a better hairstyle, a Bollywood career better than Tusshar Kapoor’s, a political career and a superhot wife. What has Sachin ever done except be the greatest sportsperson to play for India ever?

So I say Kambli is right. That match was fixed. As Kambli puts it, ‘there was something fishy’ and ‘something was amiss’. Everyone from Sharad Pawar to Azhar has criticised Kambli and challenged him to prove his so-called irresponsible statements. However, if one examines the details of the match, the evidence is all over the place. Let me prove it:
  • So first of all, Sachin scored 54% of the team score and took 2 wickets. Clearly he had been bribed to underperform. Everyone knows that if Sachin plays to potential he scores at least 90% of the total score and takes 5 or more wickets
  • Surely, everyone in the audience was bribed. They saw that Kambli was still playing and scoring at a phenomenal strike rate of 34. If he kept going he could have become dangerous and hence they had to stop the match somehow, even if they had to burn their own seats for it
  • The referees were obviously paid off to grant the match to SL. By WWE rules, if there is interference, the affected party wins by disqualification. And since it was India property that was being destroyed, by rights, India should have been granted the match
  • Even if the match had been correctly adjudged abandoned and the D/L rule had been used to decide the match, India needed only 132 runs in 16 overs with 2 wickets in hand, with Kambli playing and the legendary Venkatesh Prasad still to bat. Clearly, India had the match in the bag, and if the D/L rule says anything to the contrary, Duckworth and Lewis themselves must have been bribed
  • Finally, India lost 7 wickets for 22 runs, which translates to a bowling average of pi (22/7 or 3.14159). Clearly the bookies who fixed that match were huge nerds
However as much as I believe in and support Kambli, some events do instill some doubt in his claims. In the match, Azhar and Jadeja both scored ducks, one in 6 balls and one in 11 balls. Jadeja also gave away 31 runs in 5 overs. Everyone knows they are honest men and it is inconceivable that they did this on purpose. It would take a ridiculous amount of money to bribe them both on the same day. Moreover, Digvijay Singh has also come out in support of Azhar and trashed Kambli’s claim, and he is never wrong or stupid.

What do you think? Are you convinced? If yes, tell me in the comments section. If you leave your house address as well, the lunatic asylum officers will be at your house at 5 PM sharp tomorrow.


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