A tribute to the most influential inventor of our time


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Oct 6th 2011, 06:59

Not all these 'facts' are true, but the amazing thing is that the truth is even more remarkable. RIP.

  1. Dictionary editors all over the world are making 2 changes to their dictionaries. They are writing the word inspiration as iNspiration, and putting the picture of Steve Jobs below to illustrate its meaning. They want to do the second for the words entrepreneur and usability as well
  2. Till yesterday, the world was jobless because of the economic slowdown. Today, it’s Jobsless too
  3. In 100 years, Steve Jobs will be in every textbook: Computers for obvious reasons, History for changing the way people live, English for increasing the number of words starting with ‘i’. And Science, for being responsible for the disappearance of buttons from the world
  4. God can take holidays now, He has backup in heaven
  5. Only one man has experienced adverse effects after following Steve Jobs’ famous advice: Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish. His name is Baba Ramdev, and this was proved after the fasting incident
  6. Steve Jobs was an expert at detecting design flaws. Even in death, he showcased Twitter's design issues handling super high traffic
  7. More than 1 billion people just scratched ‘Meet Steve Jobs’ off their bucket list The only way the world could have been convinced the world would end in 2012 would have been if Steve Jobs gave a keynote address claiming this
  8. Facebook has received a lot of criticism lately. They could have recovered all of that by changing everyone's display pic for a day to the Apple Logo/Steve Jobs' face, thereby saving them the trouble of doing it manually
  9. The world has atheists, but has very few a-Jobs-ists - even people who don’t like him give thanks to Steve Jobs when they watch an animated film or use an Apple product
  10. The death rate among manufacturers of black turtleneck sweaters has increased drastically in the past few hours. God is stocking up on them to make sure Steve Jobs always has enough to wear in heaven
  11. The world above is expected to come out with a new and improved version in a few months: iHeaven. It will look good, the customer service people will always answer, and everyone will believe in it
  12. Button manufacturers in all kinds of devices all over the world are appealing to PETA and WWF to be classified as endangered species
  13. Parents all over the world are amending the saying ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’ to ‘An apple a day may make you 0.001% as awesome as Steve Jobs’
  14. In a few years, the letter ‘i’ will replace ‘a’ as the first letter of the English alphabet, and adults will have to go back to school
  15. To live up to people's expectations, Tim Cook will have to invent telepathy, roll out 10 super-successful devices every year, cure AIDS and become the President of the USA
  16. The decision by Steve Jobs’ biological parents to give him up for adoption has widely been accepted as the worst decision ever, beating Hitler’s decision to start World War II
  17. Pancreatic cancer usually kills people within a year. But even it had to wait 7 years for Steve Jobs - it too wanted to see the iPhone and iPad
  18. People used to have two main complaints with the Nobel Prize: Gandhi didn't get one, and Obama got one. Recently, a bigger concern has been added to the list. There's no category where Steve Jobs can be given one
  19. Justin Bieber’s youtube on youtube have finally met their match in number of views - in Steve Jobs’ 2005 commencement address at Stanford


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