IPL Branding Fail

So many opportunities for branding were missed out in IPL 2011. We open your eyes...

IPL Branding Fail

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May 30th 2011, 12:09

The IPL may be over, but there's still time to cry over missed chances. Inspired by the immortal geniuses who conceptualized the DLF Maximum and the Citi moment of success, marketing stalwarts from other companies should have come up with the following. Please add more in the comments.

1. If there is a heavy rain during an IPL match and the match gets cancelled its a Nescafe ho shuru har din aise moment

2. When Sreesanth comes in to bowl: it's a Huggies moment

3. When a bookie approaches our IPL player its a Singapore stock exchange - tomorrow's result today moment

4. When Sharad Pawar is spotted in the stands - it's the Mastercard - there are some things money can't buy moment

5. Sreesanth being hit for 6 sixes is a L'Oreal - because you are worth it moment

6. If a third umpire gives a batsman out - it's a Chlormint - doobara mat poochna moment

7. When a batsman was saved from a run out just by a few inches - it's a Gillette moment of close shave

8. When Kamran Akmal gets a wicket keeping contract - it's an Amul Butter moment

9. When a batsman hits a ball so high up in the air that it embarrasses Afridi - it's a Oonche log Oonchi pasand Manikchand moment

10. When Sreesanth comes to bat it's a Mamy Poko Pants moment

11. When an Australian abuses a unknown Indian toddler who ducked his bouncer - it's a Cadbury kuchh meetha ho jaye moment

12. When Ravindra Jadeja scores it's a Guinness Book of World Records moment

13. When Symonds scores a six - it's a Charles Darwin evolution moment

14. If they decide to shut down IPL it will be an Idea - What an Idea Sir ji moment

15. Fire Sreesanth from the team and it's an Axe moment

16. Every six hit by Sehwag is a doodh doodh doodh doodh .. doodh hai wonderful moment

17. When the chasing team needs 1 run of 1 ball its a Hero Honda dhak dhak go moment

18. When a bowler bowls a maiden - it's a Big Bazaar moment - isse sasta aur accha kahin nahi milega
19. When Rahul Dravid comes down to bat it's a Max New York Life insurance - your partner for life moment

20. When Himesh Reshammiya leads a cricket team it will be a Volkswagen Dus Auto moment

21. When Brett Lee takes a wicket it's a Lee - the genes that built Australia moment

22. When Bhajji slaps Sreesanth - it's a Sahara - emotionally yours moment

23. If a batsman removes his helmet it's an Apple - think outside the box moment

24. If a batsman hits a ball straight towards a fielder, just before the fielder catches it, it's an Airtel dil jo chahe paas laaye moment

25. If a fielder runs from fine leg to long off to save a boundary which is hit faster than the speed of light it's a tan ki shakti man ki shakti bournvita moment

26. When a fielder dives his ass off to save that boundary - it's the Surf Excel daag achhe hain moment

27. When Afridi comes down to bat it's a Pepsi Youngistan ka bhow moment

28. When a captain thinks hard to get his fielding right - it's a Mentos - dimaag ki batti moment

29. If Inzamam ends up coming back to IPL and is at fine leg and has to run all the way to deep square leg to save a ball hit slower than your ability to comprehend this article - it's a Fevicol ka jod hai, tutega nahi moment

30. If IPL is later converted into test match format, it's a Amaron last long very long ting tong moment

31. If BCCI has more members and shuts down IPL and shows only porno deo ads instead it's a Vodafone - bigger smarter better moment 

32. Before every game starts is the HHH - time to play the game moment

33. If Sreesanth goes on a sabbatical and returns after 10 years, it's an EDGE - you think you know me moment

34. If Sreesanth is sent back to the pavilion and he is made to walk around the pitch 10 times as a punishment, it's a Johnny Walker - keep walking moment


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