We don't need no people

How to solve India's population problem

We don't need no people

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Apr 20th 2011, 05:42

  1. Give Salman license to drive 18 wheelers

  2. Make Sharad Pawar the sole drafter of the Lokpal bill

  3. Route all Air travel through Wankhede when it is hosting the WC finals

  4. Make it compulsory for everyone to serve a term in the coasts of Japan as a life guard

  5. Make Obama the chief of the census committee

  6. Start direct flights from Lahore, Karachi to India

  7. Declare elections in West Bengal every month

  8. Pee in all containers which serve Pani Puri (XYZ sena will take care of the rest)

  9. Reverse the OBC status of any community

  10. Promote this body in India: http://www.vhemt.org/

  11. Revoke Union Carbide - give them a challenge to build over 100 pesticide plants with the money that Lol-land writers make

  12. Send back all Nepalis from NCR

  13. Route all Sea Travel through Somalia

  14. Grant sovereignty to Kashmir, Nagaland, Manipur, Hand over Arunachal to China, make UP/ Bihar a different country & gift TN to Sri Lanka

  15. Make Navjot Singh Sidhu the Speaker of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha

  16. Increase the number of pilots in India without checking their credentials

  17. Teach cartoon physics in schools to convince children that you can't fall off a cliff unless you look down, and conduct a mass practical exam on the same

  18. Show only India TV for 1 week and black out all other channels

  19. Tell citizens that if all of them go on a fast unto death, they can eliminate corruption

  20. Declare nobody is a virgin

  21. Release fake news stories of 1 Southern movie stars dying every month; a 100 of their fans are guaranteed to commit suicide without checking everytime

  22. Do not approve Telangana

  23. Ban taxis in UK & Canada; this will also solve the Pakistani population problem

  24. Close down schools and petrol pumps in the Middle East

  25. Use Mayawati and Rakhi Sawant in rural awareness campaigns on population limitation, as examples of why not to reproduce

  26. Send USA back to Vietnam

  27. Make Muammar Gaddafi the Prime Minister - he is probably looking for a new home right now, and knows something about reducing the population of his people. People won't even mind because he'll bring his female guards with him

  28. Shut down Infosys

  29. Leave one seat open for any individual who can walk in unfrisked, unchecked into an airplane, anytime, anywhere

  30. Make a mistake in counting during the census. After all, the only reason we all say the population of India is 1 bn is because the previous census told us so

  31. Empower Al Gore to solve our Global Warming Crisis

  32. Make A Raja the HRD minister, or the Home Minister, or the Prime Minister

  33. Increase the power of the popular facebook app 'Who will KILL you?' so that it sows seeds of distrust between people and their would-be-killers and leads to actual killing


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