Ways to support Jail Bharo Andolan

It's been called off, but why not fill jails anyway?

Ways to support Jail Bharo Andolan

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Apr 14th 2011, 08:49

This article marks the re-debut of our greatest writer ever.

Anna Hazare might have called off the Jail Bharo Andolan, but must everyone else? On the day that the Jail Bharo Andolan was planned to have happened, here's a list of ways to get yourself in jail easily:

1) Become a member of XYZ Sena on 14th Feb

2) Smear a particular brown substance on the statue of a person commonly found in Lucknow

3) Be in your house when someone murders your daughter

4) Throw a rave party

5) Leak isocyanate and wait for 28 years

6) Try to kill yourself - killing others has a low success rate if you want to land in jail

7) Call out in public the real gender of Madamji

8) Rape a girl in NCR (you will not get arrested for that). You have to marry her, make her conceive - and just before that determine the kid's gender to have a chance

9) Go to China and start a sovereign parallel Government

10) Go to WB and start a sovereign parallel Government

11) Drive in a SUV on the people sleeping street side in Bandra (this will not work if your name is Salman Khan)

12) Get a house next to the Delhi Airport and stare at each plane through a pair of binoculars

13) Kill a dog in front of Maneka's residence. Even shouting at it will probably do

14) Declare yourself to be a aide to Kasab (this is the best way; special care guaranteed and your client will never die)

15) Baptize people in Kerala

16) Go to any city in India which has an IPL team and loudly proclaim your love for any other IPL team

17) (If you are from TN) do investigative work and bring to light the fact that the party which wins the elections did not completely fulfil its pre-poll free rice and laptop promises. This may also be a good way to die


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