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What would happen if cricketers invaded Bollywood

Lights, Camera, Play

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Dec 9th 2010, 00:25

Another post from our favourite sports site, The Big Show.

1. The Karan-Arjunesque motherly belief hits a Deewar

BigShow comic 1

2. Razzaq Dons Pak colors against SA putting them in a spot of Botha

Big Show Comic 2

3. Steyn's Waqt is over

Big Show Comic 3

4. It takes a Butt to silence another Butt

Big Show Comic 4

5. Jadeja and Yuvi draw inspiration from Peepli Live

Big Show Comic 5

6. Warm up before the Ashes

Big Show Comic 8

7. Deewar of words silenced by Sachin

Big Show Comic 7


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