The modern Ramayan

The Ayodhya verdict was a holiday possibility for a lot of people...

The modern Ramayan

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Posted in Jokes By Darth Nirius

Oct 7th 2010, 03:34

Poems have become less epic than in the past. However, on the 1-week anniversary of the verdict, our newest writer, Lord MouldyWart (urf Bharat) can still summon up some epicness, as he writes about his anguish at a holiday being snatched from him.


Amid great trepidation and greater doubt
the much awaited verdict came out.
Awaited it was for many a reason
A new excuse to engage in arson and treason
And though I am almost always uninterested
On this news I had designs, subtle and vested
So on the 30th, when the bubble was to burst
I stayed in my room awaiting the worst
An hour before, when my tension had peaked
I heard a rumour that the verdict had been leaked
A new rumour that dealt a shattering blow
And that the site would go to Kalmadi and Co.
But fortunately the man of Uncommon wealth did make clear
Late yet again, after I nearly soil my rear
Judges of the highest esteem, from far wide
Had taken 20 years to say what a child could decide
Let there be no conflict, why should there be
Three of you want it, let the land be three
Now most of the verdict made sense to me
Except for this Akhara called Nirmohi
So while in two thirds to the lord the people sing
A third of the land will witness "stoic wrestling"?
In any case, the verdict caused much flutter
And way more activity on Facebook and Twitter
Justin Bieber's voice went manly, Lady Gaga was in tears
The shock was such, it deflated Britney's Pears
To check whether his popularity the Akhara would surmount
Rajnikant had to hastily create a Twitter account
But even the address utterly failed
He was a second too late, the ship had sailed
He went ballistic and did rave and rant
But what two Gods couldn't prevent, even Rajnican't
But before my plight, all this was secondary
I'd hoped of an imminent disaster the Govt. would be wary
The mobilisation of a million troops gave hope to my heart
But it was soon pierced as if by a poisonous dart
I called up my office to see whether the day was called off
And I waited with baited breath and a bottle of Smirnoff
Which I had saved, by the way, in great anticipation
After 2 dry days even a Smirnoff is a celebration
But all my hopes of a Bloody Mary and a Pina Colada
Were dashed to ruin by whatsitsname Akhara
My boss picked up the phone and told me not to shirk
Thus, far from being drunk in bed, I found myself at work
It is a lesson to the world in brotherhood and secularity
And how a stoic wrestling ring can gain popularity
It brought cheers from believers and those who don't believe
But curses from my side, I didn't get a paid leave.



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