Our relationship with Google

Google loves Lol-land so much that it regularly sends its most random searchers to us

Our relationship with Google

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Sep 19th 2010, 06:21

Here is a list of the strangest keywords for which people have searched and ended up on http://lol-land.in/.

1. girls near to chandigarh within 100 kms how will I get them and how to do frend
Initially, we laughed at this. Then we realized that, deep down, we were also interested in the answer and had an FML moment

2. who is rich kambli or sachin
Anyone who thinks Kambli is richer than Sachin is probably not safe navigating the net alone

3. by name of which animal sachin tendulkar is known
Dog-god confusion anyone?

4. adolescent psychological counselling mental health institute course
You'll need all these after you visit Lol-land, not before

5. bolliwood sax wallpaper.crom
How did he spell wallpaper right?

6. hindi bahut hi gande jokes
This person is a real quality control freak...normal gande jokes will just not do

7. how beautiful and handsome am I quiz on facebook is true or fake
It is true, Neo. Just like the polls which tell you you are 110% winner, that you have 1000% chance with Megan Fox, and Farmville. It's all true. The real world is a lie.

8. loveship scraps
If only orkut was still as popular as it used to be

9. main reason why famer don't want his child to become a farmer
If by famer the searcher meant Hall of Famer, the answer is obvious. If he meant 'farmer' the answer is obvious. If he meant 'three headed alien from Mars' the answer is obvious. And he won't find it on lol-land, anyway.

10. roop ki rani jangal ka raja story
*Goes and searches the exact same thing. A movie with a name like that has to be good*

How do gays not get constipation?
?!??!?!? WTF?
Believe it or not, we got two visits with this search query. Two people actually searched for this. We are scarred forever.


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