Startup Idea - 1

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Startup Idea - 1

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Jul 4th 2010, 04:25

Balloon Arcade Manager


Do you know what all those ads you see everywhere telling you you can earn Rs. 50,000 per month with no qualifications are for? The job of a balloon shooting stall owner.
A picture follows. You may recognize the game from the picture.


What is it?
In case you live on Mars, or outside India, or just haven't seen the game before, it's called Balloon Shooting. You pay anywhere from Rs 1 to Rs. 5 per shot with a large rifle, and get to shoot at balloons.
Sometimes, the owner of the stall claims offers a prize (no one knows what, because no one has ever won it) if you shoot all the balloons. Otherwise, if you bust a balloon, you 'win'. Not win a toy or a teddy bear or the World Cup, just 'win'.


Why it makes no sense to play it
You lose money, and can never win. You have three bullets, and have to shoot a 100 balloons to get a prize. Even if you had a cannon, you might leave out a few. And there is no prize anyway. It's like an ancient rite that teaches you that nothing in this life has meaning.
If you are a parent, you are setting a bad example for your child. You are teaching him/her that it is OK to take part in a game where he/she has no chance of success. Later in life, when your child starts gambling obsessively and lands in debt and starts stealing and is sent to jail for 25 years, you'l know we told you so.


Why it makes sense to set up a balloon shooting stall
Every day, 100 kids succeed in convincing their guardians that your stall is the one they should visit. You collect Rs. 10 from each of them. Your investment is almost nothing - a few rupees on balloons and some small initial investment on an airgun. All you have to do is stand around the stall and wait for the money train.
If you are a keen businessman, you can put the apparatus to work at night as well - rent out the airgun to bank robbers who cant buy a real gun in recession times and add to your vast wealth.


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