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Thought for the Day

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Posted in Jokes By DaveDevil

Jun 22nd 2010, 04:27

What Laxman should do (Dec 28, 2010)

Laxman should motivate his teammates to fix matches. That way, in every match, he'll be able to put India in a high-pressure situation where he can perform best, and will always win the Man of the Match award. In addition, he will be the fixing middleman and get money from his teammates.

Size does matter

Leak one paper and students will pay you Rs. 500 per copy outside a railway station. Leak 120,000 papers and all the Governments of the world will want your head, and force you to inhabit airports for the rest of your life.

God or War

Is it just us or does the "dead" Let Commander Abdul Rehman look a lot like the very much alive Baba Ramdev? Hmmm...


People complain when Indians are mistreated in Australia, but nobody complains when Laxman mistreats Australians in India


Photoshop + Slimming centre ad = Weapons of 'mass' destruction

We want a new page!

Like the sports page, page 3 and the classifieds page, Indian newspapers should start a 'Commonwealth Games disasters of the day' page. That's anyway all they write about these days.

Only time travel can save us now

One day an Indian will invent a time travel machine. That Indian will then travel to November 2003 and make sure that India loses the bid to host the 2010 Commonwealth Games.

Who shall watch the watchmen?

Why does every security guard who has a computer near him always play solitaire on it?

Sri Lanka Vuvuzela

Have you ever noticed the annoying droning sound that has accompanied every cricket match played in Sri Lanka ever? Can it be that they discovered the vuvuzela before the South Africans?


Argentina to legalize same-sex marriage. We knew someone was watching Maradona's public displays of affection during the World Cup.


The real reason for the Bharat Bandh was so that all citizens of India could stay at home and watch the coverage of the most important news story ever - Dhoni ki shaadi.

The Age Bias

Why do people in newspaper articles about someone invariably refer to the person in question as "The 25-year old" or "The 30-year old" (or whatever the age is) at least once?

There goes France

How come when favorites (France, Germany, England) lose in football, nobody shouts 'match-fixing'?

Dhoni can't do anything right

(From the internet, March 2009) I was just watching live on internet. Mr. Dhoni disappointed me. He is not performing well as a batsman. U r right that India may lose because target according to me is not enough. Dhoni wasted lot of ball.

(From the internet, February 24 2009) I was just watching live on internet. Mr. Dhoni disappointed me. He hit too many sixes and fours.

Sachin at 47

Ricky Ponting must feel like Inzamam-ul-Haq chasing a ball to the boundary - something is getting further and further from him no matter what he does.

Yes We Khan

We have released the new version. However we have not called out the police for our security nor has any red white or saffron brigade threatened to destroy every computer showing Lolland. Luckily Our Name Is Not Khan.


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