Himesh - Upcoming Movies

In 2010 and 2011, Himesh Reshammiya is going to win every Oscar there is. Find out why.

Himesh - Upcoming Movies

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Feb 15th 2010, 08:40

While doing research on Himesh Reshammiya for our literal video, we got to read a lot about his upcoming movies. Angry and sad that wikipedia has not done justice to any of these to-be-Oscar winners, we had to write about this (we promise that we will not write or sing about Himesh again for at least one month). For example:

1. Mann ka Radio links to the wiki page about radio technology!! How did that happen? At least wikipedia should know that Mann ka Radio is much more well-known, useful and melodious than that outdated invention, radio.

2. Aap Kaa Surroor 2 - Ae Himesh Bhai! has a page which starts off well (if a bit vaguely), but then degenerates into irrelevancies:

Who ever knew that removing a cap could change your style?

3. Kajraare ends very interestingly. Can it be that Himesh has been reading this?

4. Unable to pronounce the double H in HHey Gujju, we decided not to click on the link.

5. Nothing much is known about Mudh Mudh Ke Na Dekkh Mudh Mudh Ke, but what is known is exciting: All these go to show that there will only be one man ruling the roost in Bollywood in 2010, and hhis nname iis Hhimesh! (If you don't believe anything we've posted in this, go here and see for yourself.)


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